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Title: And in this Pit of Hell, we See.
Author: seer_of_spots
Summary: ‘Just take her back to her dormitory.’ Simple? Ah, but nothing is simple with Sirius Black. Lily and Sirius bare all in the darkest pit of Hell they could find. (Lily/James. Sirius. On his own.)
Rating: PG.
Warning: A bit darkling. Definitely a NoFluff Zone, I'm afraid.
Word Count: 2430
Author’s Note: I couldn't help myself - I couldn't control my little typing-pegs. And, this is what comes from it all. It's ... something else ... so feedback (read: help) would be greatly appreciated ;). I haven't written about Sirius in an age and a half :).
All of my fics have been dark, of late. I really need to get me some of that Christmas cheer!
The prompts I borrowed were Down and I never would have pegged you/ For what you have become/ Everyone lies/ Everyone cheats/ Not like you've done – Dog New Tricks, Garbage.
Hopefully it’s a little bit different ;).