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April 2nd, 2008


Title: Erosion
Author: shimotsuki
Summary: Remus is moving, and James is sulking, because he really isn't fond of change. (Background Lily/James.)
Rating: PG
Warnings: mild profanity
Word Count: 1728
Author's Note: At one point there is a reference to the events of Letting It Matter, from last year's Tales of Whiskey and Regret. (Also, profuse thanks to the mods for the deadline extension!)
Prompts: fret, and There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.Hamlet, II.2

ErosionCollapse )

The Measure of a Man

Title: The Measure of a Man
Author: gilpin25
Summary: I’m sixteen years old and I’m in love with a girl who thinks I’m an arrogant, bullying toerag, and I don’t know how to change her mind as everything I do just makes it worse. James Potter, who usually has all the answers, has none for this... (James/Lily)
Rating: R
Warnings: Language; violence
Prompts: Knave and They say, best men are moulded out of their faults/ And, for the most, become much more the better/ For being a little bad. Measure for Measure, 5.1
Word Count: 7690
Author's Note: Inspired by a lot of canon lines about James, in particular: "She started going out with him in seventh year," said Lupin. "Once James had deflated his head a bit," said Sirius from OotP. Thanks to the mods for extending the deadline as otherwise I'd never have got this finished in time. Feedback is always much appreciated. :)

The Measure of a ManCollapse )

Not So Vile A Sin

So I'm like 100% sure this is technically past the deadline since it's midnight HERE in 23 minutes but apparently I can still post? Win.

Title: Not So Vile A Sin
Author: _thirty2flavors
Summary: Midway through seventh year, Lily has come to accept many things about James Potter. The one thing she cannot seem to accept is his arrogance.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Um...? I've got nothin'.
Word Count: 1557
Author's Note: I actually had 98% of this written since about the first week of the challenge. I had plans for a second scene and then it just was not cooperating and then I realized, hey, I can cut the second scene all together and finish it on time! ... Kind of! With 20 minutes to spare, EST! Also, yay for extensions. =)
Prompts: spine, and
Self-love, my liege, is not so vile a sin
As self-neglecting.

-Henry V, 2. 4

Not So Vile A SinCollapse )