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Dogs and Scoundrels Master List

The Tales of Dogs and Scoundrels Challenge is now closed, and we had a Siriusly good time with it! Heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted fics, art, and poetry to this Sirius drive. It’s not too late to leave reviews for the folks who posted their work here, so if you're still catching up after the holidays …


Fetch by hrymfaxe Sirius and Lily.

No by hrymfaxe Fudge has given his newspaper to Sirius in Azkaban and Sirius realises that things are not as they seemed...


po tolo by shield_wolf He floats in darkness. (James/Lily, unrequited Remus/Lily and Sirius/Lily)


And in this Pit of Hell, we See. by seer_of_spots ‘Just take her back to her dormitory.’ Simple? Ah, but nothing is simple with Sirius Black. Lily and Sirius bare all in the darkest pit of Hell they could find. (Lily/James. Sirius. On his own.)

and so it is by jadeddiva After leaving Hogwarts, Lily Evans tries to make sense of her life, the oncoming war, and Sirius Black. (Lily/Sirius, Lily/James, slight Lily/Remus, Sirius/Marlene)

Fiery Denial by bluefox_chan With Lily, everything was always fiery.... (Lily/James)

Full Moon Cigarette by devilish__angel Sirius knew Lily never really belonged to him, but it was fun to forget sometimes. For as long as he could, anyway. (Lily/Sirius, Lily/James)

For a Song by bratanimus With no more fanfare than that, I’m away from home, from them. And when I’m out of hearing range I stop singing and my grin falls and, clearing my raw throat, I lunge into the future, though I don’t know where that is yet. (Sirius/Lily.)

I Love You, and All We've Been Through by duck_or_rabbit Anger. It’s the same selfish, hellish anger that tortured – tortures - him for his indefensible love for Lily. (Lily/Sirius, Lily/James)

Intangible by jdbracknell She’s not sure why they’ve kept it a secret, this. They’re friends, aren’t they? Would it really be such a scandal if people found out that after meetings, missions, sometimes they came back here, listened to bad music, got a bit tipsy, and talked about James? (Sirius/Lily, James/Lily)

Mistletoe and Wine by jdbracknell Remus falls foul of the mistletoe. Twice. (Remus/Lily, Remus/Tonks, Lily/James)

Playing Dead by phoenixfyre13 Sirius has discovered the trick to staying sane in the darkest pit of hell imaginable. But the trick is on him when memories of the past become both his blessing and his curse.

Stay With Me by devilish__angel Lily finds comfort in an unlikely place after receiving some bad news from home. (Hints of Lily/Sirius)

The Art of Knowing by train_lindz Sirius knows Lily's secret and now she knows he knows. (Hints of Remus/Lily)

The Dishonourable by riveroad 'What look?' he thinks and then feels his stomach jump not unpleasurably as he realizes she's watched him long enough to recognize his looks. (Lily/James, Lily/Sirius)

The More Things Change by shimotsuki Sirius Black has been unnervingly polite ever since Lily found herself actually kissing James Potter. (Lily/James)

Tomorrow’s Ghost by gilpin25 "A moment frozen in time when Sirius can see the bond of brotherhood between them like a tangible, living thing. See the trust there in each other, and because of that in themselves, which is surely so strong and unwavering it can never, ever be broken." (Sirius/OC, James/Lily, Remus/Tonks)

Thanks for enjoying our Remus and Lily community! We were Siriusly tickled by the turnout for this challenge. By popular request, our next challenge will have you locking horns with another Marauder. ;)

bratanimus and jdbracknell


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Jan. 8th, 2008 07:08 pm (UTC)
thx soo much for wating for my fic!
i know i took forever to post it so thanks for bearing with me!

Jan. 8th, 2008 07:13 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! I'm glad it worked out. BTW, I love your icon, lol. ;)
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